Best Blood Pressure Monitor Discounts

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

You have decided that you need to purchase the best Blood Pressure Monitor to keep a check on your heart condition. You need to decide which is the best model to fit your budget and needs.This site will give you reviews for some of the most popular Monitors that are available, and inform you where you can get the best discounts online.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

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Your reason for coming to this site, is because you must have a similar problem to most people who buy a monitor – that is, High Blood Pressure.
High BP will give symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision and headaches. It could also lead to a Heart Attack caused by the increased strain that is put on the heart.
The causes of High BP can be attributed to bad diet, lack of exercise, and too much weight.
The great advantage of having your own Home Blood Pressure Monitor is that you can experiment with your food regime, and you will be able to quickly determine which foods and drinks raise or lower your BP.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

In order to determine which is the best Monitor for you to buy, you need to determine which type of fitting you prefer. The most popular types are Digital Blood Pressure Monitors fitted with an LCD display

The first type is a Finger Blood Pressure Monitor. There is not a great variety of this type and they give the least accurate readings. Our advice is to keep away from this type of BP Monitor.

The second type is a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. They are conveniently sized with a reasonable digital LCD display, showing BP and Heart Rate. They are fitted with batteries and have an Automatic Self-Inflating Wrist Band. In general, this type is also prone to inaccurate readings, but some models have been given good reviews.
If you are interested in a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor then take a look at our reviews for the Omron HEM-650 or the newer Omron BP652.

The third and best Blood Pressure Monitor comes with an arm band and considered to be the most accurate, due to where the cuff is positioned when fitted. They are powered by batteries or an included Power Supply. The unit has a large digital LCD display, showing Blood Pressure and Heart Rate. The cuff is Automatic Self-Inflating and regulating.
Some of the more expensive models can have up to 200 memory locations, 2 User support (allowing 2 separate sets of readings to be held on the Monitor). Included Software and USB lead allow the reading to be downloaded to your PC, for storing or sending to your doctor.
If you want the Monitor that will download results to your PC, then take look at the Omron BP791IT. On the other hand if you do not require your results to be stored on your PC, the Omron HEM-780 is a very popular model. For anyone who is on a budget, then the Omron BP760 may be right for you.

What does the Display tell you?

A Blood Pressure reading is displayed as 140/80 (verbally 140 over 80)
The first part of the display 140 is Systolic – this is a reading of the Heart beating.
The second part of the display 80 is Diastolic – this is a reading taken between beats when the heart is resting.
Typical BP rates should be 120/80 or lower.

How to take a Blood Pressure reading

To take a reading, the cuff will need fitting about 0.5 inches above the elbow. Always use the same arm to try and keep the readings consistant. Fit the cuff so that it is just tight, but do not overtighten. The arm needs to be supported in a position that allows the cuff to be level with the heart.
After fitting the cuff, make sure the arm is in a comfortable position so you do not have to move while taking a reading, then wait for a couple of minutes before starting the monitor.
Whilst the machine is taking the reading try to stay relaxed and do not move as this could affect the reading.
In order to check the accuracy of your BP Monitor, take it with you when you visit your doctors surgery and compare your readings with the doctors machine.
We put this site together so you can compare the specifications of different models, and hope it will enable you to find the best Blood Pressure Monitor for your personal requirements at the best possible price.

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Blood pressure monitor helps detect atrial fibrillation

A modern Digital Blood Pressure Monitor has more capabilities than earlier models. Some of the latest models include the detection of an irregular heartbeat rate, which may lead to a stroke if left untreated.

Blood pressure monitor helps detect atrial fibrillation

“The new device is a blood pressure monitor which automatically detects pulse irregularity whilst it records blood pressure in the traditional way – using a cuff which fits around the upper arm. If the pulse rate is above a certain threshold then atrial fibrillation is likely to be present and an atrial fibrillation icon is displayed on a small unit which records the reading. Those with suspected atrial fibrillation should then have an electrocardiogram (ECG) in line with other NICE guidelines….”

If you are thinking about buying a Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, it may be worth spending a little more money to get extra features that will detect more possible health problems. 


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Risk of High Blood Pressure in Teen Girls

It’s not just the elderley who need to be aware of High Blood Pressure as this report shows:

Teen girls on pill at risk of high blood pressure

“Commenting on the results, Dr Chi La-Ha from the Royal Perth Hospital in Australia said “Teenage girls taking oral contraceptives should be advised about regular blood pressure monitoring.” Unlike boys, blood pressure in the teenage girls was not …”

Changes in diet, smoking, drugs and a much higher alcohol intake will also affect the health of young people, in ways that were not seen with older generations.

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Omron BP760 Sales

Omron BP760 – A Great Budget Priced Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron BP760

Omron BP760

If you are in the market for a budget Blood Pressure Monitor, take a look at the Omron BP760. You need to decide if you would be better off with an Upper Arm fitting which is the preferred style or maybe you would favor a Wrist fitting, which is more convenient for many people, especially anyone who travels a lot. If you make your mind up to get an Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor then the Omron BP760 may be the right unit for you.


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 Omron BP760 Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron BP760 is another great Blood Pressure Monitor from one of the leading manufacturers of these products. This unit is an Upper Arm fitting type which means that it is the most popular types with proven accuracy of readings. Although this unit has slightly less features than some of its higher priced stable mates – don’t be fooled into thinking that it will not be as accurate, that is simply not true. The unit comes in 2 parts – the Display Unit and the Cuff. The advantage of this type is that should the Cuff fail for any reason – a replacement Cuff can be purchased.

 Display Unit

This is the heart of the Omron BP760 system – it contains all of the technology and also houses the LCD Display which shows all the information you require to keep a check on your heart condition. (these readings will only be displayed once the readings are complete)

Some of the important information it displays is:

  • Systolic – This is the highest heart pressure measurement – and it taken at the moment the heart is beating.
  • Diastolic – This is the measurement taken at the lowest pressure – this is when the heart is at rest between heartbeats.
  • Heartbeat – This symbol will flash every time your heart beats. The pulse display sitting next to it will show your heartbeat per minute.
  • Date & Time – Each reading will record this so you can see any changes that may occur over a period of time.
  • Irregular Heartbeat – If there are 2 or more variations in your heartbeat rhythm during any measurement period – this will be displayed.
  • Movement Symbol – If you make excessive movement whilst making a reading, this symbol is displayed. Do not continue with the reading if this happens, as it will result in an erroneous measurement. Remove the Cuff from your arm – wait 2 or 3 minutes then replace the Cuff and start a new measurement.

 IntelliSense and Comfit Cuff

IntelliSense is a technology that is exclusive to Omron. It monitors and regulates the inflation level of the Comfit Cuff, ensuring maximum comfort along with accuracy of measurements. The Comfit Cuff is also Omron’s design and also exclusive to Omron. It is easy to fit with no assistance – due to it being a pre-formed cuff. It also sports sewn in markings that make it easy to align correctly with the middle finger. The Comfit Cuff has also been designed to fit any arm size between 9 and 17 inches.

 Measurement Storage

The Omron BP760 is capable of storing up to 60 time and date stamped measurements.It also has an inbuilt Averaging system – if 2 or 3 readings are made within a 10 minute period, the unit will automatically store the average of the 2 or 3 readings.The Omron BP760 will also store up to 8 sets of Morning Averages and Evening Averages. These averages are made up of 1 weeks Morning readings and 1 weeks Evening readings respectively.

 Omron BP760 Features

  • 60 Memory Storage – Time and Date stamped measurements
  • Measurement Averaging – Will average up to 3 readings taken within a 10 minute period
  • Comfit Cuff – An easy to fit pre-formed blood pressure cuff that can accommodate arm widths between 9″ and 17″ It has sewn-in markings to allow easy alignment.
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detector – Will be displayed if this detects 2 heartbeat rhythm variations of 25% or more during a measurement period.
  • BP Level Symbol – Will instantly display your reading compared to Internationally recognised guidelines.
  • Cuff Wrap Guide – This will display OK when the Cuff is fitted correctly – taking out the guesswork of fitting the cuff.
  • AC Adaptor – The unit is supplied with a mains adaptor so it can be used even when your batteries run out of steam!

 Omron BP760 Customer Reviews

“After using this monitor in comparison with a recent hospital stay and 4 of his doctor visits, it is 100% accurate- just like our 2003 model. This new model has a new cuff design that is so easy to put on. It has a partial firm tube shape that stays on your arm, while you are wrapping it around. It also has a white plastic finger guide and blue stripe that you line up with your middle finger, to make certain it is on correctly.”   Tante Maren

“Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy. Ultimately this is what you need in a home blood pressure monitor. I took this monitor with me to the doctor’s office for a recent visit. I ran the Omron monitor twice and came up with similar, although a few points off, readings. I then compared those readings to the reading that I received from the trained nurse and a professional monitor (I honestly didn’t capture the device’s maker). The Omron monitor was within 5 points on both systolic and diastolic readings. Given the ease of use of the Omron as well as its accuracy, I would recommend it highly.”    Charles S Holzheimer

“The BP Monitor is easy to use, accuracy equivalent to my doctor’s office. The other features, heartbeat monitor, previous BP measurements, and alert when incorrectly cuffed make this an excellent choice especially for the price.Battery power is very convenient as well. The cuff fits well on small and large arms. All around very pleased.”     Gardengeek

Omron BP760 – Pros and Cons


Due to the inbuilt Averaging system the Omron BP760 gives accuracy of readings that are equal to the more expensive models.

The unit has the IntelliSense technology to ensure comfort along with accurate readings.

The Comfit Cuff is the same as supplied with most Omron Upper Arm models.

Indications for the following functions – Cuff Wrap Guide, Irregular Heartbeat Detector, Movement Symbol, Morning Hypertension Detector and Blood Pressure Level Indicator.



The Omron BP760 only made for 1 User – you can only have 1 set of readings

You can only store 60 Measurements (many have 100 or more)

There is no automatic TruRead Mode – 2 or 3 readings will have to be made manually.


If you are looking for a budget Upper Arm Monitor and you do not need any of the functions in the Cons list then the Omron BP760 may be the best Blood Pressure Monitor for you

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Omron BP652 Online Deals

Omron BP652 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron BP652

Omron BP652

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So you are interested in finding out about the Omron BP652. More people with High Blood Pressure have come to realise that it just isn’t good enough to record their Blood Pressure only when they pay a visit to their Doctors Surgery. Your Blood Pressure will vary over the period of a day, depending whether you are working hard, eating, drinking, if you are stressed and many similar various activities. Some people suffer from Morning Hypertension (High Blood Pressure for a while after getting out of bed). White Coat Hypertension is when someone gets stressed when visiting the Doctor, so you can see this would be a disaster if this is the only time when your Blood Pressure levels are measured.
The ideal is to have your own Blood Pressure Monitor and take readings 3 or 4 times a day under the same conditions – this is the best situation to monitor your BP levels in order to give the most accurate results.
The only decision then is which is the best Blood Pressure Monitor most suitable for your needs.

Omron BP652

This is a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor which comes as a single unit – the Cuff is built into the Display unit body. It has Automatic Cuff Inflation and Deflation.
There have always been suggestions that this type of Monitor is not particularly accurate, and this may have true in the past, but with the modern technology built into this unit, this unit is every bit as accurate as the Upper Arm BP Monitors.
One advantage of the Wrist BP Monitor is that many people commented that they felt more comfortable using the monitor on the wrist as it does not feel as tight when inflated like an Upper Arm unit.

Heart Guide Technology

This is one of the most important features for a Wrist type monitor which is also known as Advanced Positioning Sensor.
On the Omron BP652 this is seen as a Positioning Indicator above the display. This will indicate when the Monitor is the correct position with respect to your heart. The Indicator can be set to a convenient mode. These are:

• On1 – If the Indicator lights up BLUE for 2 secs or lights up ORANGE for 5 secs the measurement will Automatically start, although correct position has not been achieved.
• On2 – If the indicator lights up BLUE for 2 secs then the measurement will Automatically start. No measurement will take place if the indicator lights up ORANGE.
• Off – The measurement will take place independent of the Positioning Indicator mode.

There is also a Buzzer setting that can be used in conjunction with the Positioning Indicator when in the On1 or On2 position. This can also be set in 1 of 3 positions.

• On1 – The Buzzer sounds when the correct position is achieved
• On2 – The buzzer emits a series of 2 short Blips while out of position, which will change to a Beep when correct position is achieved.
• Off – The Buzzer is disabled.

Omron BP652 Display

The display shows all of the information to help you get the most from your Omron BP652. Some of the most important are:

• Systolic – This is the reading taken at the Highest level when the Heart is pumping
• Diastolic – The reading taken at the Lowest level when the Heart is between beats.
• Pulse Rate – Amount of Heartbeats per minute.
• Date & Time – This enables you to Timestamp all of your readings.
• HeartBeat Symbol – Flashes in time  with your Heartbeat during a measurement
• Movement Error Symbol – Shows if excessive movement is detected during a reading period
• Irregular Heartbeat Symbol – Will show if there are 2 or more irregular heartbeats detected during a reading (irregular is defined as the heartbeat rhythm varying by 25% or more)
• User ID Symbol – Will show which User is selected via the User ID switch. (if guest mode is selected, neither will be displayed)
• Wrist Symbol – Displays which Wrist Measurement is selected – L or R

Measurement Storage

The Omron BP652 is capable of storing individual sets of 100 measurements for each of the 2 Users. These readings are Time and Date stamped and can be reviewed any time. There is a User ID Selection switch on the Right side of the display body. When this switch is centred it selects the Guest Mode – this will enable readings can be taken but not stored.
When the memory locations are full they will be overwritten with new readings – starting with oldest location.

In order to obtain the best accuracy, the Omron BP652 has an Averaging Function.
If 3 readings are taken within a 10 minute period, they will be averaged.

Making a Measurement

Omron BP652

Omron BP652

Before taking a measurement with the OmronBP652 there are a couple of points you need to take care of.
Left or Right Wrist – make sure you have the correct wrist selection for your intended use.
User ID – ensure that you select to the correct User ID – otherwise you will mix up the readings.
Make sure that you have your arm in the correct position across the heart and that the Omron BP652 does not make contact with any other part of the body. (this could cause erratic readings)

Omron BP652 Features

• Heart Guide Technology
• Irregular Heartbeat Detection
• Movement Error Detection
• 2 User ID – holds up to 100 measurements for each user + Averaging
• Guest Mode
• Left or Right Wrist Selection
• Powered by 2 x “AAA” Batteries giving up to 300 measurements per set
The Omron BP652 received a rating of 4.5 out 5 Stars for 137 Customer Reviews.

Extracts from reviews found at

“To test the accuracy of this monitor, I took it with me to my doctor’s office. My physician measured my bp as 120/81. Minutes later, I used the Omron which gave a measurement of 121/83. That is remarkably close to my physicians bp measurement. Now, I wanted to take a look at how precise the Omron was, i.e. were several measurements taken back to back close? Yes they were! Three back to back measurements by the Omron that night were 116/79, 118/81 and 118/82. Those measurements indicate a high degree of precision. So, in my limited testing that day, the Omron appeared to be exceptionally accurate and precise. I was very impressed.”
P. Smith

“The Omron BP652 has an ingenious Advanced Positioning Sensor that allows you to place the unit in the right place every time. You mount the BP652 on your left wrist. (Instructions are included for setting the unit to measurement from the right wrist.) When you have the BP652 properly positioned over your heart, an indicator light changes from orange to blue. That’s all there is to it – and it results in extremely accurate readings every time. Compared to the unit I’ve been using which wraps around the upper arm and has to be positioned just so, the Omron is a symphony of convenience. “
Jerry Saperstein

“Final Verdict – So far my family has had three blood pressure monitors and the Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit is easiest and most comfortable device to use…. it really does eliminate all excuses.”
Charles Evans


This unit has a very positive response from the Customer Reviews with most people giving it the thumbs up both in terms of accuracy and user comfort.
The advantage of a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is great portability and ease of fitting, more so than the upper Arm type. One of the downsides is that it does not have an AC Adaptor so it can only run on batteries.
If you think that a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is the right type of fitting that will suit your needs (especially if you do a lot of travelling) then it would be a good idea to take a closer look at the Omron BP652.

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Omron BP791IT Sale

Omron BP791IT Review


Omron BP791IT

Omron BP791IT

If you are reading this must be thinking about purchasing a Blood Pressure Monitor like the Omron BP791IT

Click Here For Details of Prices and Discounts For The Omron BP791IT

For anyone having High Blood Pressure, it makes sense to have your own Blood Pressure Monitor for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if you only have your Blood Pressure monitored each time you visit the Doctors, then it is pot luck what your measurement is likely to be. Remember that this is only a snapshot of your BP levels at one period of the day, and you may only have this carried out once a month. I think that you can see that this is not really accurate enough on which to base your long term medication.

Secondly, when you have your own Home Blood Pressure Monitor, it will allow you to carry out measurements three or four times a day in the comfort of your home, where you are more relaxed. This will enable you to build up a much better picture of your BP levels over a period of time (not just a monthly snapshot)

Thirdly, by varying your food and drinking habits, you can monitor your BP results and find out what food and/or drinks affect your Blood Pressure levels, which will enable you to modify your diet accordingly. It is possible by doing this that your medication could be reassessed.

 Omron BP791IT

The Omron BP791IT is an Upper Arm Fitting Blood Pressure Monitor which is regarded as capable of achieving the most accurate results. It is the up to date version of the popular BP790IT – it retains all of the best features and includes even more technology to ensure accurate and consistent Blood Pressure measurements. The Omron BP791IT is one of Omron’s top of the range models with just about every function that is available in a home Blood Pressure Monitor.

The system consists of a Display Unit housing the technology and the large LCD display screen and a detachable Cuff

 Display Unit

This is the heart of the omron BP791IT system. All the technology to make accurate BP measurements is inside this unit. The LCD display is situated at the top and has 3 numbers that make up the Blood Pressure reading.

Starting at the top the first number is the Systolic reading. This is the highest pressure reading taken on the heartbeat. Below this is the Diastolic reading. This is the lowest pressure reading taken when the heart is between beats.

Below that is the Pulse or Heartbeat count.

There are several other Symbol and Alert characters built into the LCD

These are:

  • Date and Time – this needs to be set so that readings have a Time and Date stamp.
  • User ID Symbol – Shows which User is selected.
  • Irregular Heartbeat Symbol – this is displayed if 2 or irregular heart rhythms are detected during a measurement period.
  • Movement Symbol – is displayed when excessive movement is made during a measurement
  • Morning Hypertension Symbol – if any weekly Morning average has a Systolic reading of 135 or more and/or a Diastolic reading of 85 or more, then this symbol will be displayed.
  • TruRead Symbol – shows when TruRead mode is selected.
  • Heartbeat Symbol –this will flash in time with your heartbeat during a measurement period.
  • Cuff Wrap Guide Symbol – will display OK when it detects that the Cuff is fitted correctly.

 IntelliSense and Comfit Cuff

These 2 items are exclusive to Omron and fitted to most of their models – including the Omron BP791IT. They both help to ensure accurate readings and maximum comfort.

IntelliSense is built into the Display unit – this keeps an eye on your blood pressure and inflates the Comfit Cuff to the correct level to suit any situation, which in turn will give the most accurate measurement.

The Comfit Cuff is pre-formed, therefore making easy to fit with no assistance (good for anyone living alone). The markings built into the Cuff enable it to be correctly positioned on the arm. The other advantage of the Comfit Cuff is that it will fit a wide range of arm sizes (between 9 and 17 inches).

** The Comfit Cuff is designed to be used on the Left arm.**

TruRead Mode

The Omron BP791IT is capable of delivering accurate and consistent readings, however for extra assurance it has a measurement averaging mode that is called TruRead. This is a programmed mode that automatically takes 3 consecutive readings within a limited time period. The rest period between each reading can be set as required for a time of 15 secs, 30 secs, 60 secs or 120 secs. The default and International Recognised Guidelines suggest this is 60 secs.

To make a reading with the Omron BP791IT in TruRead mode, fit the Cuff as normal, and when relaxed press the START button. The Cuff will start to inflate as usual, and then begins to deflate. When the Cuff is fully deflated DO NOT MOVE. There is a countdown number on the screen so you can see how long you have to wait until the next reading. When the countdown reaches ZERO then the Cuff will start to inflate again. When the Cuff deflates for the second time DO NOT MOVE. Once again the countdown will show how long until the next measurement. The Cuff will inflate and deflate for the third and final time. When the Cuff is fully deflated the 3 measurement average is displayed and stored. The Cuff can now be removed.

When retrieving your records from the Omron BP791IT – any Measurements made in TruRead mode will also display the TruRead Symbol on the screen at the same time.

Measurement Storage

The Omron BP791IT will store up to 100 sets of Measurements plus up to 8 weeks of Morning and Evening Averages for each User. When the memory locations are full, subsequent readings will overwrite memory locations, starting with the oldest.

Permanent Storage of Blood Pressure Measurements

The Omron BP791IT is supplied with a USB interface lead, however, the Omron Health Management Software needs to be downloaded from . Together they will give you the ability to transfer all or any records from the Omron BP791IT to your PC for permanent storage. The software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Not only does it provide safekeeping for all of your measurements but your readings can also be displayed on the PC in graphical form, making it easy to spot any trends that may occur over a period of time.

Another other useful function of the software is that it will allow you to print out your Blood Pressure Measurements in either PDF or CSV format, which can be passed onto your Doctor. Should you prefer it you can send these by email if requested.

If you do not require the ability to permanently store measurements, that the Omron BP791IT provides, then it may be worth looking at the Omron BP785, which has all the same features, but no connection to the PC.

Omron BP791IT Features

  • Dual Sensors – Double Checks all measurements – Calibration Check Flashes if a fault is detected.
  • Detects Irregular Heartbeat and Morning Hypertension
  • Comfit Cuff – gives comfort, accurate readings and is easy to fit
  • Cuff Wrap Guide – shows if the cuff is fitted incorrectly
  • TruRead mode – automatic averaging of 3 measurements
  • Guest Mode readings
  • Supplied USB interface lead with Omron Health Management software for permanent Measurement storage
  • 2 Users – will store up to 100 measurements for each user
  • Powered by 4 x “AA” batteries giving up to 300 measurements or the supplied AC Adaptor


Anyone who has High Blood Pressure needs to think hard about owning your own Home Blood Pressure Monitor. There are many different models in the market with various features that you may or may not require. My advice is to make a list of the features that you require or would like, and compare it to the feature list of each model. If you think that you would find permanent storage of your Blood Pressure measurements useful then the Omron BP791IT could be the best Blood Pressure Monitor for you.

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Omron BP785 Best Deals

Omron BP785 Review

Omron BP785

Omron BP785

The Omron BP785 is the new kid on the block – it’s the updated version of the popular Omron Hem-780. Although it has a lot to live up to, it has all of the best features that made the Hem-780 so popular and some extra features to enhance accuracy and ease of measurements.

Click Here for Great Online Deals For The Omron BP785 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron BP785

The Omron BP785 is an Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor which is the most popular type of fitting due to the accuracy of the readings. It is comprised of 2 separate parts – the Display Unit featuring a large Digital LCD screen and the Comfit Cuff which is fitted to the arm. The reason why the Upper Arm monitor is so accurate is because the measurement is taken is right above the Brachial artery, which is the arms major artery carrying blood away from the Heart.

Comfit Cuff and IntelliSense

The Comfit Cuff is exclusive to Omron. It is pre-formed cuff making it easy to fit without any assistance and it has various markings to ensure that it can be positioned correctly. It will fit a wide range of arm dimensions between 9 and 17 inches. IntelliSense technology built into the Omron BP785 controls the amount that the Cuff is inflated. This is set at the optimum level in order to give the best comfort and the most accurate measurements.
Should the Comfit Cuff get damaged a new one can be purchased as a standalone item.

Display Unit

The Display Unit provides a lot of data – the main readings are displayed as 135/65 are Systolic (taken at the highest pressure point when the heart is beating) and Diastolic (taken at the lowest pressure when the heart is at rest) the other important reading is Pulse rate.
The display unit is capable of many other measurements and alerts such as Irregular Heartbeat Detection ( 2 or more irregular Heart Rhythms within a measurement period) and Morning Hypertension (when the Blood Pressure is high for a period of time in the Morning)
Although the Comfit Cuff is easy to fit, the Unit has a Cuff Wrap Guide Symbol that lets you know if the cuff is fitted incorrectly or not.
Also new is the fitting of Dual Sensors. When starting a reading, the dual sensors will check against each other to make sure there are no discrepancies. If there is a problem then the Calibration light will flash.

Measurement Storage

The Omron BP785 is capable of storing up to 100 measurements for each of 2 users. There is also a facility for Guest Users to take measurements without affecting these readings.
The unit calculates weekly Morning and Evening Averages and can store up to 8 weeks of these. These figures are used to calculate Morning Hypertension.

Measurement Accuracy

The Omron BP785 is based on the well proven Omron series of Blood Pressure Monitors, and with correct fitting of Comfit Cuff and the IntelliSense technology any reading made will be very accurate. The Omron takes this a step further with the TruRead averaging mode. In this mode 3 separate readings are taken and the Average of these readings are stored and displayed. In TruRead mode the 3 readings carried out automatically and can be set up with an adjustable period between each measurement. The options are 15 Secs, 30 Secs, 60 Secs or 120 Secs (the default is 60 Secs)

When you are ready to make a Truread Measurement, press START as normal and the Cuff will inflate. The readings are taken and the Cuff deflates, DO NOT MOVE – the display will show a countdown to the next reading, then the Cuff will reinflate. The next set of readings are taken and once again the Cuff deflates, DO NOT MOVE – wait for the countdown again – the Cuff will inflate for the last time. Once the readings are taken, the Cuff will deflate for the last time and the Average measurement will be displayed.

Omron BP785 Features

IntelliSense technology – Ensures the Cuff is inflated to the optimum level for comfort and reading accuracy.
Detects Morning Hypertension and Irregular Heartbeats
Comfit Cuff – Omrons exclusive design Cuff for ease of fitting and maximum comfort
Cuff Wrap Guide – lets you know if the Cuff is correctly fitted.
2 User Mode – allows 2 people to store up to 100 measurements each plus Guest readings
Dual Sensors  – all readings are double checked for increased accuracy
TruRead Averaging Mode – automatically takes 3 consecutive readings and displays the average.
Powered by 4 x “AA” batteries or supplied AC Adaptor
When fitted with 4 new Alkaline “AA” batteries will give approx 500 measurements if used 6 times a day.
Limited 5 Year Warranty
Storage Case

If you are looking for a Home Blood Pressure Monitor that has the accuracy you would expect from a Doctors monitor then this unit is well worth taking a look at. This unit is an upgraded model based on one of the most successful Omron monitors, so along with all these advantages the Omron BP785 also incorporates several new enhancements to make it one of the best Blood Pressure Monitor available.


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Omron HEM-650 Sale

Omron HEM-650 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-650

Omron HEM-650


Click Here for a great Deal on the Omron HEM-650 Blood Pressure Monitor

Anyone wanting to buy a Blood Pressure Monitor needs to decide what type of monitor will suit their neeeds best. Most people would opt for an Upper Arm fitting, but there are a number of people who find a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor like the Omron HEM-650 more convenient. Whether it is because they find it difficult to fit the Upper Arm Cuff, or as a second unit when away from the home or on vacation.

Omron HEM-650

The Omron HEM-650 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor comes with Advanced Positioning Sensor plus IntelliSense technology, which is exclusive to the Omron range of monitors. It will fit wrist sizes between 5 1/4″ and 8 1/2″
The unit is powered by 2 x “AAA” batteries and Omron suggest to use only Alkaline batteries. A set of batteries will give approximately 300 measurements, based on 3 per day.


Because your Blood Pressure is changing all the time, the IntelliSense technology monitors the level and delivers the correct inflation rate to give accurate readings with the maximum comfort.

Irregular Heartbeat

When the monitor detects 2 or more irregular heart rhythms during a measurement, it will display the Irregular Heartbeat symbol. An irregular heartbeat
is defined by a 25% increase or decrease in the heartbeat rhythm speed.

Heartbeat Symbol

The Heartbeat symbol will flash with every heartbeat during the period of the measurement. Once the reading is stored the heartbeat symbol will flash contiuously if either the Systolic or Distolic measurements are over 135 or 85 respectively.

Advanced Positioning Sensor

The Advanced Positioning Sensor (APS) is a clever idea to help you put your wrist in the correct position (level with the heart) to take the reading.
When the correct position is achieved the heartbeat symbol will flash once.
The benefit of this is that when carrying out a measurement with APS turned on, the cuff will not inflate untill the correct  wrist position is achieved. The APS can be turned off if desired, however, we can see no reason why anyone would  want to do this.

Position Sensor Alarm

Coupled with the APS is an audible alarm called Position Sensor Alarm. The alarm has 3 modes. They are ON1, ON2 and OFF.
With ON1 selected, the unit produces a series of fast beeps when the wrist is incorrectly positioned. When the correct position is obtained, the beep
rate slows down.
When ON2 is selected, the unit only beeps once when moving into the correct position.
With OFF selected the alarm is disabled.

Left or Right Wrist Measurements

** Caution **  The Omron HEM-650 has the option to select either wrist to make measurements, but the correct wrist selection setting must be carried out. When the unit is set for Right Wrist measurement, an R symbol will be displayed in the bottom left of the display. If the R symbol is not displayed then the left wrist must be used. ** Please Note – for consistant readings select either Left or Right wrist and use the same wrist to take all readings **

Measurement Averaging

The unit has an Averaging function to aid the accuracy of the readings. It will calculate the average of the last 3 readings, provided the were taken within a 10 minute period. If there are only 1 or 2 readings taken in the 10 minutes then the Average will be based on the 1 or 2 measurements.

Included with Omron HEM-650 kit is the Main Unit, Storage Case, 2 x “AAA” Batteries, Instruction Manual.

Customer Reviews

I have owned 3 arm cuff blood pressure units over the years and have found them to be inaccurate and troublesome to use. The last unit failed in 2 weeks and would not take a reading. Upon my doctors advice I purchased this Omron wrist unit and WOW! Easy to use and when checked against the doctors unit was within 2 units measurement of the office arm unit. I would recommend this product to anyone. Price was good. Very easy to use.
Dale H. Reichert

My husband and I both have high blood pressure. We have one of the old style testers. It was a pain to use. So I reviewed many different wrist testers.
I spent quite a lot of time researching, including Amazon reviews. The one that stood out was this Omron-650. We are very pleased with it. It is very accurate and so easy to use. It won’t even take your blood pressure if you don’t have it on right or if you are not in the right position. The readings have been right on with the doctor’s office.
Sharon Hewitt

This has got to be one of the easiest blood pressure monitors to use. It really doesn’t start until your arm is in the correct position, letting you know by beeping when you’ve got it right. The display is large and easy to read and understand. I definitely would recommend this.
S. Johnson

After reading this Best Blood Pressure Monitor review, you should have a good idea of whether the Omron HEM-650 has the right functions that you are looking for. The only decision you need to make is what type of fitting you require. If you prefer the convenience of a Wrist Fitting over an Upper Arm fitting, then the Omron HEM-650 could be a contender.

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Omron HEM-790IT Sale

Omron HEM-790IT

If you need to monitor your heart condition and retain the information so that it can easily passed on to your Doctor, then the Omron HEM-790IT Blood Pressure Monitor could be the right model for you.

Omron HEM-790IT

Omron HEM-790IT

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Omron HEM-790IT

The Omron HEM-790IT is another model from one of the best manufacturers of Blood Pressure Monitors. It is an upper arm fitting which is the most accurate type of monitor. The unit consists of 2 parts, the Display Unit and the Upper Arm Cuff. The unit supports 2 users – each having 84 locations to store measurements, and also includes a Guest Mode. The Omron HEM-790IT is one of the best selling models with a large number of features. The features include:


This system inflates the cuff to the correct level depending on your blood pressure. It will adjust the inflation to the ideal level every time it is used, resulting in more consistant readings as well as providing a comfortable fitting. After the measurement is complete, the cuff will automatically deflate.


Omron Blood Pressure Monitors are renowned for the accuracy of their readings , and the Omron HEM-790IT is no exception. The Omron HEM-790IT has 2 different averaging modes to increase the accuracy.

TruRead Mode – This mode takes 3 readings at 1 minute intervals and then displays the average of the readings (the interval can be adjusted between 15,30,60 and 120 secs)  The cuff will inflate and deflate 3 times for 3 separate readings.

Single Read Mode – This mode has Advanced Averaging. 3 readings are taken within 10 minutes and the average of these readings is displayed.

Comfit Cuff

The Comfit Cuff is exclusive to Omron Blood Pressure Monitors including the Omron HEM-790IT. It is a preformed cuff that has markings to assist correct fitting

The Thumb Grip is a pad to enables you to hold the cuff in the correct position.

The Blue Strip is fitted across the width of the cuff to enable the correct alignment with your middle finger.

The cuff can be easily fitted without any assistance

                                  There is a newer version of this Monitor available

Omron BP791IT Blood Pressure Monitor – Click Here to View details




The Omron HEM-790IT Display Unit has a large Digital Display that includes the following information.

  • Systolic – this is the level of pressure when the heart is beating
  • Diastolic – the level of pressure when the heart is resting between beats.
  • Pulse with heartbeat symbol – the heartbeat symbol flashes with each heartbeat and after the reading the Pulse Display will show beats per minute.  After the reading, the heartbeat symbol will flash if the blood pressure is above the recommended levels of 135 for Systolic and/or above 85 for Diastolic
  • Irregular Heartbeat – will show if the monitor detects 2 or more irregular readings during a measurement.
  • Morning and Evening Averages – The unit has 2 one-touch buttons for averaging – 1 for Morning Average and 1 for Evening Average. The first press of the Morning Average button displays This Weeks average readings for Mornings. Subsequent presses of the button displays the previous weekly average up to up to a limit of 7 weeks. The Evening Average button works exactly the same but for Evening readings.
  • Morning Hypertension – If any of the Morning Weekly averages are above the recommended levels of 135 Systolic or 85 Diastolic, then the Morning Hypertension symbol will be displayed

 Omron Health Management Software – Load data to your PC for sharing

The Omron HEM-790IT comes with a USB lead and Software to allow you to download all your readings to your PC. The Omron Blood Pressure Software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The Software will allow you to keep a backup of all your readings, so should you lose the data from your Display Unit you still have access to your measurements. The other use is when all the memory locations are full, you can save the data to your PC and then clear the Display Unit readings to start afresh. One useful addition to this is the ability to enter readings manually.

When viewing your readings on the PC it displays Systolic, Diastolic and pulse readings in Graphic format. The data can be manipulated to get any information you require. It can be displayed in Weekly, Monthly or Yearly time periods and even further to Morning , Afternoon and Evening readings  in order either to extract a small amount of data or to view long term trends.

There is also an option to display a Data List between dates selected by you, this will be displayed line by line, which you may find more useful. Should you wish to print a copy of your readings to pass on to your Doctor, then you can create and print a PDF file.

Review of the Omron HEM-790IT

This monitor is very easy to use, it will keep track of 2 users plus guest user. The software that comes with it is easy to use and navigate through. My doctor was extremely impressed when i went to my appointment with the monitor and my laptop, number 1, to check the accuracy of the monitor and 2,look at the graffs, averages, and numbers the software provides.My doctor told me this makes it so much easier for her to prescribe the right medication that i need at this point. My next appointment, I just need to print out the information from the software to show my doctor.

Edward J. Barnett

Omron HEM-790-IT Features

  •  Cumfit Cuff for comfort with any size arm between 9 and 17 inches
  • IntelliSense Technology to inflate the cuff to the correct level for comfort and accuracy.
  • Detects Morning Hypertension and Irregular Heartbeat.
  • TruRead Mode and Single Read Mode Averaging to give more accurate readings.
  • 2 User with 84 Memory locations for each plus Guest Mode
  • AC adaptor for use at home to save battery life.
  • USB Cable for interface to PC
  • CD Rom with Omron Health Management Software.
  • 4 “AA” Batteries
  • Storage Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • 5 Years Warrranty


If you are looking for the best Blood Pressure Monitor that that is accurate, reliable and has the ability to Download all your measurements to your PC, then we recommend the Omron HEM-790IT should be a serious candidate for your shortlist. For Omron HEM-790IT best price click on the link at the top of the page.

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Omron HEM-780

Omron HEM-780 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-780

Omron HEM-780

The Omron HEM-780 Blood Pressure Monitor is one of Omron’s Flagship Products. It has plenty of features and gives accurate and consistant readings.

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Morning Hypertension

The Omron HEM-780 was the original BP Monitor to have the ability to recognise Morning Hypertension by calculating an average weekly morning Blood Pressure. (Morning Hypertension is where the patients Blood Pressure Levels are raised for 1 to 2 hours after waking up in the morning)
The reason why this is normally hard to detect is that by the time a reading is taken the blood pressure has returned to a normal level. The Omron HEM-780 is an automatic blood pressure monitor that inflates the cuff to the required level and deflates after the reading is complete.

Omron HEM-780

The Omron HEM-780 comprises of 2 parts. The first part is the display unit.
It has a large easy to read display. The information displayed is Systolic (heart beating) over Diastolic (heart resting between beats) and Pulse Rate.
Other indicators are alerts for Correct Fitting of Comfit Cuff and Irregular Heartbeat Detector.

The second part is the cuff that is fitted to the arm, just above the elbow.
Along with various other Omron Blood Pressure Monitors the Omron HEM-780 uses the Comfit Cuff system. This is a preformed cuff that can be fitted to anyone with arms between 9 to 17 inches in circumference. As well as the comfort from this cuff, it also helps with the accuracy of the readings.
The IntelliSense monitor regulates the cuff inflation to the required level, which may be different with each reading. This is especially useful with anyone that suffers from irregular blood pressure. It is considered the best blood pressure cuff by many people who have reviewed this product.

Accuracy of Readings

Omron has a great reputation for the accuracy of their monitors. The Omron HEM-780 accuracy goes further with the introduction of averaging sets of readings. There are 2 methods used to carry this out.
The first is Advanced  Averaging. This will display the average of the last 3 readings taken within the last 10 minutes.
The second is TruRead Mode where 3 consecutive readings are taken at 1 minute intervals and then the average is displayed.

Reading Storage

The Omron HEM-780 will automatically store Blood Pressure and Heartbeat readings in a 200 memory location. It has a Dual User facility – each having 84 locations that are Date and Time stamped and 16 weekly averages. These readings can be viewed at any time to check various trends.


There were a number of people who did not like the Comfit Cuff system – however, they are greatly outnumbered by other reviewers who remark that the system is easy to fit and comfortable in use.
The Omron HEM-780 is more expensive than other models, but people say that they are still prepared to buy it because of the accuracy it provides, making it one of the best Blood Pressure Monitor available.


• Comfit Cuff – This is a cuff exclusive to Omron Blood Pressure Monitors that fits any arm size between 9″ and 17″
• 2 User Mode – Allows 2 separate sets of readings in the stored memory
• TruRead Mode – this will take 3 readings at 1 minute intervals and then displays the average.
• Irregular Heartbeat Detector – When detected will show an alert on the display
• Cuff Wrap Guide – Indicates on the display that it is correctly fitted
• 200 Memory Locations
• AC Adaptor – to save battery life when using the Omron HEM-780 at home.
• Uses 4 x “AA” Batteries
• Storage Case
• 5 Year Warranty

Review of the Omron HEM-780

I bought this unit about 5 months ago and use it daily, first thing in the morning. I have it set up adjacent to my computer and it returns an average of three readings while I wait for my computer to boot up. It is very convenient and has become a part of my daily routine. The cuff goes on quickly an easily and one button push is all it takes.
I do not find the logging feature useful because I use an APP (HeartWise) on my iPhone which tracks BP, pulse and weight and also provides excellent charts and graphs to make sense of it all. This is a simple, fast system that I actually use!
I was concerned about accuracy when I bough the unit so I compared it against a manual BP cuff/stethoscope (which I used for many years as an ambulance squad member) and found the readings essentially the same. Over time, the consistency of readings has reinforced my confidence in this unit’s accuracy. It is important to establish a consistent routine to get useful results. I sit, relaxed in the same chair, using the same arm at the same time of day for consistency. I do take readings at other times but not regularly. The goal for me is to be aware of my BP and confident in the accuracy of the values, and the Omron unit makes that easy.


When you look at the features that the Omron HEM-780 Blood Pressure Monitor offers together with the price discount that is available online, it all adds up to a great deal.

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