Best Blood Pressure Monitor Discounts

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

You have decided that you need to purchase the best Blood Pressure Monitor to keep a check on your heart condition. You need to decide which is the best model to fit your budget and needs.This site will give you reviews for some of the most popular Monitors that are available, and inform you where you can get the best discounts online.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

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Your reason for coming to this site, is because you must have a similar problem to most people who buy a monitor – that is, High Blood Pressure.
High BP will give symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision and headaches. It could also lead to a Heart Attack caused by the increased strain that is put on the heart.
The causes of High BP can be attributed to bad diet, lack of exercise, and too much weight.
The great advantage of having your own Home Blood Pressure Monitor is that you can experiment with your food regime, and you will be able to quickly determine which foods and drinks raise or lower your BP.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor

In order to determine which is the best Monitor for you to buy, you need to determine which type of fitting you prefer. The most popular types are Digital Blood Pressure Monitors fitted with an LCD display

The first type is a Finger Blood Pressure Monitor. There is not a great variety of this type and they give the least accurate readings. Our advice is to keep away from this type of BP Monitor.

The second type is a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor. They are conveniently sized with a reasonable digital LCD display, showing BP and Heart Rate. They are fitted with batteries and have an Automatic Self-Inflating Wrist Band. In general, this type is also prone to inaccurate readings, but some models have been given good reviews.
If you are interested in a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor then take a look at our reviews for the Omron HEM-650 or the newer Omron BP652.

The third and best Blood Pressure Monitor comes with an arm band and considered to be the most accurate, due to where the cuff is positioned when fitted. They are powered by batteries or an included Power Supply. The unit has a large digital LCD display, showing Blood Pressure and Heart Rate. The cuff is Automatic Self-Inflating and regulating.
Some of the more expensive models can have up to 200 memory locations, 2 User support (allowing 2 separate sets of readings to be held on the Monitor). Included Software and USB lead allow the reading to be downloaded to your PC, for storing or sending to your doctor.
If you want the Monitor that will download results to your PC, then take look at the Omron BP791IT. On the other hand if you do not require your results to be stored on your PC, the Omron HEM-780 is a very popular model. For anyone who is on a budget, then the Omron BP760 may be right for you.

What does the Display tell you?

A Blood Pressure reading is displayed as 140/80 (verbally 140 over 80)
The first part of the display 140 is Systolic – this is a reading of the Heart beating.
The second part of the display 80 is Diastolic – this is a reading taken between beats when the heart is resting.
Typical BP rates should be 120/80 or lower.

How to take a Blood Pressure reading

To take a reading, the cuff will need fitting about 0.5 inches above the elbow. Always use the same arm to try and keep the readings consistant. Fit the cuff so that it is just tight, but do not overtighten. The arm needs to be supported in a position that allows the cuff to be level with the heart.
After fitting the cuff, make sure the arm is in a comfortable position so you do not have to move while taking a reading, then wait for a couple of minutes before starting the monitor.
Whilst the machine is taking the reading try to stay relaxed and do not move as this could affect the reading.
In order to check the accuracy of your BP Monitor, take it with you when you visit your doctors surgery and compare your readings with the doctors machine.
We put this site together so you can compare the specifications of different models, and hope it will enable you to find the best Blood Pressure Monitor for your personal requirements at the best possible price.

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  2. Hello Admin,
    Thanks you for your post, I have slightly high blood pressure and I am trying to measure it at home. My wife bought me a wristech wrist bp monitor but I’m not sure where to position my wrist to get an accurate reading.
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