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Omron BP652

Omron BP652

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So you are interested in finding out about the Omron BP652. More people with High Blood Pressure have come to realise that it just isn’t good enough to record their Blood Pressure only when they pay a visit to their Doctors Surgery. Your Blood Pressure will vary over the period of a day, depending whether you are working hard, eating, drinking, if you are stressed and many similar various activities. Some people suffer from Morning Hypertension (High Blood Pressure for a while after getting out of bed). White Coat Hypertension is when someone gets stressed when visiting the Doctor, so you can see this would be a disaster if this is the only time when your Blood Pressure levels are measured.
The ideal is to have your own Blood Pressure Monitor and take readings 3 or 4 times a day under the same conditions – this is the best situation to monitor your BP levels in order to give the most accurate results.
The only decision then is which is the best Blood Pressure Monitor most suitable for your needs.

Omron BP652

This is a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor which comes as a single unit – the Cuff is built into the Display unit body. It has Automatic Cuff Inflation and Deflation.
There have always been suggestions that this type of Monitor is not particularly accurate, and this may have true in the past, but with the modern technology built into this unit, this unit is every bit as accurate as the Upper Arm BP Monitors.
One advantage of the Wrist BP Monitor is that many people commented that they felt more comfortable using the monitor on the wrist as it does not feel as tight when inflated like an Upper Arm unit.

Heart Guide Technology

This is one of the most important features for a Wrist type monitor which is also known as Advanced Positioning Sensor.
On the Omron BP652 this is seen as a Positioning Indicator above the display. This will indicate when the Monitor is the correct position with respect to your heart. The Indicator can be set to a convenient mode. These are:

• On1 – If the Indicator lights up BLUE for 2 secs or lights up ORANGE for 5 secs the measurement will Automatically start, although correct position has not been achieved.
• On2 – If the indicator lights up BLUE for 2 secs then the measurement will Automatically start. No measurement will take place if the indicator lights up ORANGE.
• Off – The measurement will take place independent of the Positioning Indicator mode.

There is also a Buzzer setting that can be used in conjunction with the Positioning Indicator when in the On1 or On2 position. This can also be set in 1 of 3 positions.

• On1 – The Buzzer sounds when the correct position is achieved
• On2 – The buzzer emits a series of 2 short Blips while out of position, which will change to a Beep when correct position is achieved.
• Off – The Buzzer is disabled.

Omron BP652 Display

The display shows all of the information to help you get the most from your Omron BP652. Some of the most important are:

• Systolic – This is the reading taken at the Highest level when the Heart is pumping
• Diastolic – The reading taken at the Lowest level when the Heart is between beats.
• Pulse Rate – Amount of Heartbeats per minute.
• Date & Time – This enables you to Timestamp all of your readings.
• HeartBeat Symbol – Flashes in time  with your Heartbeat during a measurement
• Movement Error Symbol – Shows if excessive movement is detected during a reading period
• Irregular Heartbeat Symbol – Will show if there are 2 or more irregular heartbeats detected during a reading (irregular is defined as the heartbeat rhythm varying by 25% or more)
• User ID Symbol – Will show which User is selected via the User ID switch. (if guest mode is selected, neither will be displayed)
• Wrist Symbol – Displays which Wrist Measurement is selected – L or R

Measurement Storage

The Omron BP652 is capable of storing individual sets of 100 measurements for each of the 2 Users. These readings are Time and Date stamped and can be reviewed any time. There is a User ID Selection switch on the Right side of the display body. When this switch is centred it selects the Guest Mode – this will enable readings can be taken but not stored.
When the memory locations are full they will be overwritten with new readings – starting with oldest location.

In order to obtain the best accuracy, the Omron BP652 has an Averaging Function.
If 3 readings are taken within a 10 minute period, they will be averaged.

Making a Measurement

Omron BP652

Omron BP652

Before taking a measurement with the OmronBP652 there are a couple of points you need to take care of.
Left or Right Wrist – make sure you have the correct wrist selection for your intended use.
User ID – ensure that you select to the correct User ID – otherwise you will mix up the readings.
Make sure that you have your arm in the correct position across the heart and that the Omron BP652 does not make contact with any other part of the body. (this could cause erratic readings)

Omron BP652 Features

• Heart Guide Technology
• Irregular Heartbeat Detection
• Movement Error Detection
• 2 User ID – holds up to 100 measurements for each user + Averaging
• Guest Mode
• Left or Right Wrist Selection
• Powered by 2 x “AAA” Batteries giving up to 300 measurements per set
The Omron BP652 received a rating of 4.5 out 5 Stars for 137 Customer Reviews.

Extracts from reviews found at

“To test the accuracy of this monitor, I took it with me to my doctor’s office. My physician measured my bp as 120/81. Minutes later, I used the Omron which gave a measurement of 121/83. That is remarkably close to my physicians bp measurement. Now, I wanted to take a look at how precise the Omron was, i.e. were several measurements taken back to back close? Yes they were! Three back to back measurements by the Omron that night were 116/79, 118/81 and 118/82. Those measurements indicate a high degree of precision. So, in my limited testing that day, the Omron appeared to be exceptionally accurate and precise. I was very impressed.”
P. Smith

“The Omron BP652 has an ingenious Advanced Positioning Sensor that allows you to place the unit in the right place every time. You mount the BP652 on your left wrist. (Instructions are included for setting the unit to measurement from the right wrist.) When you have the BP652 properly positioned over your heart, an indicator light changes from orange to blue. That’s all there is to it – and it results in extremely accurate readings every time. Compared to the unit I’ve been using which wraps around the upper arm and has to be positioned just so, the Omron is a symphony of convenience. “
Jerry Saperstein

“Final Verdict – So far my family has had three blood pressure monitors and the Omron Bp652 7 Series Blood Pressure Wrist Unit is easiest and most comfortable device to use…. it really does eliminate all excuses.”
Charles Evans


This unit has a very positive response from the Customer Reviews with most people giving it the thumbs up both in terms of accuracy and user comfort.
The advantage of a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is great portability and ease of fitting, more so than the upper Arm type. One of the downsides is that it does not have an AC Adaptor so it can only run on batteries.
If you think that a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is the right type of fitting that will suit your needs (especially if you do a lot of travelling) then it would be a good idea to take a closer look at the Omron BP652.

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