Omron BP760 Sales

Omron BP760 – A Great Budget Priced Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron BP760

Omron BP760

If you are in the market for a budget Blood Pressure Monitor, take a look at the Omron BP760. You need to decide if you would be better off with an Upper Arm fitting which is the preferred style or maybe you would favor a Wrist fitting, which is more convenient for many people, especially anyone who travels a lot. If you make your mind up to get an Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor then the Omron BP760 may be the right unit for you.


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 Omron BP760 Blood Pressure Monitor

The Omron BP760 is another great Blood Pressure Monitor from one of the leading manufacturers of these products. This unit is an Upper Arm fitting type which means that it is the most popular types with proven accuracy of readings. Although this unit has slightly less features than some of its higher priced stable mates – don’t be fooled into thinking that it will not be as accurate, that is simply not true. The unit comes in 2 parts – the Display Unit and the Cuff. The advantage of this type is that should the Cuff fail for any reason – a replacement Cuff can be purchased.

 Display Unit

This is the heart of the Omron BP760 system – it contains all of the technology and also houses the LCD Display which shows all the information you require to keep a check on your heart condition. (these readings will only be displayed once the readings are complete)

Some of the important information it displays is:

  • Systolic – This is the highest heart pressure measurement – and it taken at the moment the heart is beating.
  • Diastolic – This is the measurement taken at the lowest pressure – this is when the heart is at rest between heartbeats.
  • Heartbeat – This symbol will flash every time your heart beats. The pulse display sitting next to it will show your heartbeat per minute.
  • Date & Time – Each reading will record this so you can see any changes that may occur over a period of time.
  • Irregular Heartbeat – If there are 2 or more variations in your heartbeat rhythm during any measurement period – this will be displayed.
  • Movement Symbol – If you make excessive movement whilst making a reading, this symbol is displayed. Do not continue with the reading if this happens, as it will result in an erroneous measurement. Remove the Cuff from your arm – wait 2 or 3 minutes then replace the Cuff and start a new measurement.

 IntelliSense and Comfit Cuff

IntelliSense is a technology that is exclusive to Omron. It monitors and regulates the inflation level of the Comfit Cuff, ensuring maximum comfort along with accuracy of measurements. The Comfit Cuff is also Omron’s design and also exclusive to Omron. It is easy to fit with no assistance – due to it being a pre-formed cuff. It also sports sewn in markings that make it easy to align correctly with the middle finger. The Comfit Cuff has also been designed to fit any arm size between 9 and 17 inches.

 Measurement Storage

The Omron BP760 is capable of storing up to 60 time and date stamped measurements.It also has an inbuilt Averaging system – if 2 or 3 readings are made within a 10 minute period, the unit will automatically store the average of the 2 or 3 readings.The Omron BP760 will also store up to 8 sets of Morning Averages and Evening Averages. These averages are made up of 1 weeks Morning readings and 1 weeks Evening readings respectively.

 Omron BP760 Features

  • 60 Memory Storage – Time and Date stamped measurements
  • Measurement Averaging – Will average up to 3 readings taken within a 10 minute period
  • Comfit Cuff – An easy to fit pre-formed blood pressure cuff that can accommodate arm widths between 9″ and 17″ It has sewn-in markings to allow easy alignment.
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detector – Will be displayed if this detects 2 heartbeat rhythm variations of 25% or more during a measurement period.
  • BP Level Symbol – Will instantly display your reading compared to Internationally recognised guidelines.
  • Cuff Wrap Guide – This will display OK when the Cuff is fitted correctly – taking out the guesswork of fitting the cuff.
  • AC Adaptor – The unit is supplied with a mains adaptor so it can be used even when your batteries run out of steam!

 Omron BP760 Customer Reviews

“After using this monitor in comparison with a recent hospital stay and 4 of his doctor visits, it is 100% accurate- just like our 2003 model. This new model has a new cuff design that is so easy to put on. It has a partial firm tube shape that stays on your arm, while you are wrapping it around. It also has a white plastic finger guide and blue stripe that you line up with your middle finger, to make certain it is on correctly.”   Tante Maren

“Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy. Ultimately this is what you need in a home blood pressure monitor. I took this monitor with me to the doctor’s office for a recent visit. I ran the Omron monitor twice and came up with similar, although a few points off, readings. I then compared those readings to the reading that I received from the trained nurse and a professional monitor (I honestly didn’t capture the device’s maker). The Omron monitor was within 5 points on both systolic and diastolic readings. Given the ease of use of the Omron as well as its accuracy, I would recommend it highly.”    Charles S Holzheimer

“The BP Monitor is easy to use, accuracy equivalent to my doctor’s office. The other features, heartbeat monitor, previous BP measurements, and alert when incorrectly cuffed make this an excellent choice especially for the price.Battery power is very convenient as well. The cuff fits well on small and large arms. All around very pleased.”     Gardengeek

Omron BP760 – Pros and Cons


Due to the inbuilt Averaging system the Omron BP760 gives accuracy of readings that are equal to the more expensive models.

The unit has the IntelliSense technology to ensure comfort along with accurate readings.

The Comfit Cuff is the same as supplied with most Omron Upper Arm models.

Indications for the following functions – Cuff Wrap Guide, Irregular Heartbeat Detector, Movement Symbol, Morning Hypertension Detector and Blood Pressure Level Indicator.



The Omron BP760 only made for 1 User – you can only have 1 set of readings

You can only store 60 Measurements (many have 100 or more)

There is no automatic TruRead Mode – 2 or 3 readings will have to be made manually.


If you are looking for a budget Upper Arm Monitor and you do not need any of the functions in the Cons list then the Omron BP760 may be the best Blood Pressure Monitor for you

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